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Obviously, Irene likes purple so she dyed her hair purple, but this is not just a hobby but a whole touching story behind it. Do you know the story?.......,

Irene performs the challenge "Try Not To Fangirl"

Since debut, Irene member of Red Velvet has experienced many hair colors,  black, brown, yellow to rose gold, pink, red enough. However, her most memorable hair color was probably purple. purple hair suits her, as it should.@@

Irene dyed her hair purple in the end of 2016. She was so beautiful that she tilted the water, and dyed her hair so wonderfully. The series of photos of Irene with purple hair has continuously caused fever.

The beautiful not dead angle in every frame, she is also known by many fans as the "goddess of all goddesses".

But few people know that Irene did not randomly choose the purple hair color. Obviously, she loves this color, but this is just not a hobby but a whole touching story behind it.


Recently, Irene shared that when she was in school, she was harder to make friends than others and almost had no close friends. In the middle of the second year of middle school, a new student appeared in the classroom and Irene quickly fell in love with this girl.

One day, Irene forgot her gym clothes at home and her new friend did not hesitate to lend her her clothes. When Irene needs help, the first person to come to her is a new friend, not the classmates who have been close for 2 years. Their friendship started from there and up to now, the two are still best friends.

And guess, purple is her favorite color, so Irene also likes this color. " I asked her," What color do you like? ", She answered" Beautiful purple ", so since then, my favorite color is purple "

Fans quickly linked this touching story with Irene's purple hair "goddess" in 2016 and guessed that this is why the female idol chose this hair color. And perhaps nothing is better than the color that has special meaning for Irene is also the most "divine" hair color.\
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