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Synopsis of Train:

 Korean drama Drama tells the story of someone who lost a valuable person because of a serial killer. He also decided to cross into a different world to find out the truth about his death. A man named Seo Do Won, played by Yoon Si Yoon, works as a detective, and he is very enthusiastic about his job. Whereas Han Seo Kyung, played by Kyung Soo Jin, works as a prosecutor with an honest personality, Kee Jung Min, played by Shin So Yul, is a member of the investigation and is also Seo Do Won's childhood friend and even his first love.

It tells the mystery of parallel worlds where a detective who was involved with the serial killer tries to protect the person precious to him. An elite detective and team leader of the violent team. He is in love with Han SeoKyung. She is an honest prosecutor.

Complete Information:

Title: Train
Other Title: 트레인
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Director: Lee Seung Hoon
Writer: Park Ga Yun
Episode: 12
First episode date: 11 July 2020
Final episode date: 16 August 2020
Airtime: Saturday and Sunday
Channel: OCN


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