Tale Of the Nine Tailed is On lead in Viewership Ratings-Ratings Daily Updates

viewership ratings

Hi, guys, we update ratings of k-dramas, we collect these rating from genuine sources, we try our best to Update  daily ratings, And let you know, how is your  favorite drama is doing, and which drama`s rating is high and whose low

💬  The following are the nationwide Nielsen TV ratings of prime-time Korean dramas that were broadcast📺 on 7 & 8  October 2020

New Dramas Drop their first episode 

"Tale of the Nine-Tailed" on tvN, 
"Private Lives" on JTBC,
 "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" on KBS

Daily Rating Updates⚡

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed EP 1


Tale Of The Nine-Tailed EP 2


Private Lives EP 1


Private Lives EP 2


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol EP 1


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol EP 2


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